Cymatic Sound Healing Bed
vibro-acoustic therapy


Harmonize your mind, body, and spirit for ultimate

Immerse yourself in the restorative effects of our Cymatic Sound Healing Bed, where advanced therapeutic sound waves resonate with your body's natural frequencies. As vibrations travel through your body, they provide a deeply rejuvenating cellular massage, easing muscle tension and heightening mental focus.

This healing approach nurtures emotional balance, cultivates spiritual connection, and empowers you to realize your true potential. We are thrilled to combine our Cymatic Sound Bed with the incredible work of professional Sound Therapist Katherine, founder of Vibrosound Australia.

These scientifically composed tracks are designed to be used with VAT (VibroAcoustic therapy) technology. Experience a renewed sense of well-being with our innovative and holistic path to wellness.
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The experience

Tactile vibrations are delivered directly to the nervous system, creating an instant calming effect. Scientifically composed music shifts your brainwaves as you enter a deep state of peace and return to homeostasis.

What's included

Greeting and intro with Adam & Leah
Scientifically composed music
Private studio space for your session
Ancient Solfeggio tones mixed with soothing ambient music.
Bose noise canceling headphones
Comfy blankets, bolster and eye pillow

Cymatic Sound

Sound Massage

Experience a unique total body massage, through panning vibrations and oriental instrumentation. Releases tension throughout the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

15 min $30
30 min $60

Healing Power
of the Ocean

Harness the power of water to release negativity and harmonize your body's water molecules. With gentle pacing and sacred toning, you'll breathe deeply, reflect, and access self-healing abilities.

15 min $30
30 min $60

1111hz Crown Opening
and Expansion

Combines didgeridoo, rainstick, chimes, and strings to cleanse your crown and expand your energy field. Crystalline singing bowls support higher frequencies of light.

15 min $30
30 min $60

Schumann Resonance
Earth Frequency

Featuring the 7.83 Hz frequency, promoting relaxation and healing. Connect with the Earth's rhythm and let go of unwanted energies. Ideal for grounding, anxiety, and depression.

15 min $30
30 min $60

Fertility & Rebirth

Specially composed healing frequencies for the womb space, heart expansion, and alignment of feminine and masculine energies. Birth new ideas, upgrade your body, and connect to the energy of fertility.

15 min $30
30 min $60

Adrenal Wellness

Rebalance your body's natural healing process with calming crystal bowls, piano, synths, and strings. Support the crucial functions of the endocrine system with therapeutic rife frequencies.

15 min $30
30 min $60

Love Frequency
528 hz

Journey into deep relaxation, let go of your mind and body, and float in the vastness of space with 528hz. Ease anxiety, insomnia, and overwhelm. Vibrate with the light of the Universe.

15 min $30
30 min $60

Divine Feminine

Connect with the loving and nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine. Safe and supportive soundscapes balance both masculine and feminine energies.

15 min $30
30 min $60

Emotional Body

Open your heart to release stored emotions and return to centeredness and self-love. Experience a lighter, freer you and a deep connection to yourself and the world around you.

15 min $30
30 min $60

Packages & memberships

Reported benefits
and experiences

Cellular rejuvenation
A reduction in pain and muscle tension
Drift into dreamland with improved sleep
Transform anxiety into tranquility and mental clarity
Boost your immune system
Increased bloodflow
Mind, body spirit connection
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What is Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy?
Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy utilizes Advanced Sound Healing Technology to produce low-frequency sound vibrations that promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It involves lying on our comfortable cymatic bed that emits sound waves and vibrations throughout the body.

By using a combination of music, sound waves, and gentle vibrations, Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy induces a deep state of relaxation, helping to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Whether you're looking to alleviate physical tension or find relief from emotional stress, Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy offers a soothing and rejuvenating experience that can help improve your overall quality of life.
How long is a Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Bed session? 
Sessions are either 15 or 30 min, allow an extra 5 min on top of this for your booking.
Do I need to do anything after my session Cymatic Sound session?
It is important that you drink plenty of water after your session.
What music do you play through your Cymatic Sound Bed?
We are thrilled to combine our Cymatic Sound Bed with the incredible work of professional Sound Therapist Katherine, founder of Vibrosound Australia. Katherine's scientifically composed music is designed to be used with VAT (VibroAcoustic therapy) Technology and promotes a deep state of peace and homeostasis.

The frequencies of crystal singing bowls, gongs, and other healing instruments are spread throughout the body, retuning your cells, organs, muscles, bones, and water. This process helps to create a sense of harmony and balance within your body, promoting overall physical and emotional well-being. For more details on the specific track you can choose from see our Cymatic Sound Healing Bed session.
How will Cymatic Sound Bed sessions help me?
When the body is stressed or disconnected, its energy becomes dissonant and blocked. However, by providing stable and pure frequencies, the body can resonate and re-tune itself to function at its highest level. This process of resonance is based on the physics concept that a stronger frequency can entrain a weaker one.
How many sessions should I have?
This is totally up to your individual needs and goals. If you are experiencing high levels of stress or health issues, more sessions may be beneficial. Typically, packages of 6 sessions are recommended to see significant results, as this allows time to release energetic blocks, connect with your body, and enter deep states of meditation.

However, it is safe and beneficial to use sound therapy daily. If you have insomnia or feel extremely exhausted, you may benefit from daily sessions. It's important to listen to your body and adjust the frequency of sessions accordingly.
Can I have to many sessions?
No, you could safely use our Cymatic Sound Bed twice a day.
What are the Contraindications?
Vibroacoustic Therapy is not recommended for those with:
- epilepsy- severe and/or chronic mental illness
- who use a pacemaker
- going through chemotherapy
- who are pregnant

Other less common conditions that also mean you should not use vibroacoustic therapy are acute inflammatory condition, acute blood clot, herniated disc in the acute phase, serious eye disease (eye surgery), if you have just had an open operation or are at any other risk of bleeding, hypotension and deep vein thrombosis. If you have any further questions on the use of this device, please discuss them with your doctor.