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benefits of light & sound therapy

Regulate nervous system
Expansive States of Consciousness
Deep relaxation
Positive mood booster
Alpha & Theta healing
Improved sleep
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"Worth every penny and more. Adam and Leah were born to do this, natural facilitators, totally grounded and made the whole experience pleasant, calming, deep and out of this world all at the same time. Do yourself a favour and make a booking, you won't regret it."
Giullietta L
Adam was very genuine, humble and peaceful since walking through the door and very fascinated by everyone’s experiences, we had a good chat for half an hour after the session just sharing stories he’s very interested in hearing everyone’s experiences and spreading the word so everyone can have this unique opportunity to explore something different, it’s incredible what this technology produces ☺️🙏🏼
It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! My senses and awareness have definitely been heightened since my session. Healing the body through light and sound frequencies, I believe is certainly the way forward.  looked after me and made my experience pleasant and safe, thanks for having me I’ll be back soon! 😉🔮
I loved my experience at Lucia Light Waves. Adam and Leah were very welcoming and helped settle my nerves before the experience. The light therapy was unlike anything I’d experienced before and left me feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful. I will definitely be looking to do it again!
Amazing!! The deepest relaxation I’ve ever felt. Thanks so much Leah and Adam for the wonderful experience. They’re so kind and calming, guide you through the whole experience and are amazing to chat with before and after the session. I struggle a lot with being present and relaxation, during my session I was able to be completely and fully present without my brain going crazy (which never happens, I always seem to have 10+ tabs open in my head at once 😂) and let go and relax. Can’t wait to do it again and see what wonderful colours and patterns I see next time.
"It's quite simple, words cannot begin to describe the experience when you are laying down being immersed in the most exquisite colours and shapes you could ever dream of. It's out of this world Adam and Leah make the experience even more unique and special.It's such a lovely space, and the cacao was such a nice way to start.I loved the whole thing"