Lucia Nº3
psychedelic light therapy


Unlock the power
of your mind

Get ready to be transported on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace as the Lucia N°3 Light guides you through a mesmerizing visual experience.

As you close your eyes, the wide-spectrum light enters your closed eyelids and travels through your optic nerve, activating neural networks that allow you to sink into a deep state of relaxation. Your subconscious mind comes alive as you are immersed in a meditative journey, with vivid visual scapes and a sense of serenity washing over you.

Follow your breath and the music as you let go of your thoughts and tap into your inner light.
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The experience

We enhance Lucia's visual effects through the healing sounds of Solfeggio frequencies, the calming aromas of essential oils, and the mood-elevating flavours of ceremonial cacao.

What's included

Greeting and intro with Adam & Leah
Ceremonial grade cacao
Crystal gift for your intention setting
2 x light demonstrations to get comfortable before session
Private studio space for your session
Ancient Solfeggio tones mixed with soothing ambient music.
Bose noise canceling headphones
Comfy blankets and bolsters

Light Sessions

Gentle Rays

Gentle yet powerful, an effortless journey into a deeply relaxed and blissful state, spacious and soothing sounds calm the body and open the mind.

Perfect if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or a little nervous about trying the Lucia light.

Single $165

Inner Portal

Elevate your awareness and spark a profound sense of wonder with these multi-dimensional frequencies.

The shamanic drums, captivating dialog, and cosmic sounds will offer you a new perspective and a chance to experience something truly special.

Single $165

Free demo

Are you a curious but not sure if it's for you?
Try our five minute demonstration obligation free.

Packages & memberships

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Reported benefits and experiences

Regulate nervous system
Expanded States of Consciousness
Deep relaxation
Positive mood booster
Perceive multi-dimensional reality
Improved sleep
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Those who can NOT use the Lucia Light
While most people can safely use the Lucia Light, there are some restrictions to ensure your safety and well-being.

Individuals with any of the below conditions can not use the Lucia Light;
- a history of epilepsy or seizures
- heart conditions or pacemakers
- an intolerance to strobe or flashing lights
- psychological conditions such as psychosis, schizophrenia, or severe anxiety
- Children- Pregnant women (due to limited safety data.)
How should I prepare?
A clear and calm mind will go a long way towards enhancing the overall experience. 

- Avoid drugs or alcohol in the previous 24 hours before your session (a wine with dinner is ok)

On the day of your visit, also try to avoid
-excessive strenuous exercise
-excessive caffeine
-other stressful activities that may negatively impact your emotions or thoughts.

We do not recommend using the Lucia Nº3 light after periods of sleep deprivation.
Do I need to do anything after my session Lucia Nº3 session?
Keep Hydrated
How long is a Lucia Light session?
Your booking will be 60 to 75 minutes, which includes a 20-minute introductory consultation and cacao and 40 minutes of light therapy.
Will I notice a difference after just one light session?
Yes you will. The Lucia really is a powerful tool allowing you to experience states of deep meditation in your first session, Lucia offers you the chance to truly let go and catch a glimpse of another reality. One free of stress and mental noise.

The benefits of just one session can stay with you for several days. Of course, through a series of regular sessions, at least 6 is great, your brain will become increasingly familiar with this uncluttered mental world, making it easier to drop into a state of profound relaxation and self-discovery even when not under the light. It's an exciting and life-changing journey that you won't want to miss!
What if the experience becomes too intense or I want it to stop?
Every booking starts with 2 short demo’s and can adjust the brightness to your liking. Our top priority is to ensure that you have a positive and uplifting experience with Lucia Light.

You are in control of the experience at all times. If at any point during the session you feel a little overwhelmed, the first thing to do is take a deep breath and exhale, releasing any tension in your mind or body, you can also take a short break by covering your eyes, this blocks out the light. If you still feel uncomfortable or want to end the session, simply cover your eyes and turn your head away from the light and we will stop the session right away. 
Are my eyes open or closed?
Your eyes are closed the entire time.
Will I harm my eyes if I open them during the session?
No. While you should aim to keep your eyes closed for the duration of the session, you won't damage anything if you do open them.

Will I feel high during the experience?
Yes and no. The visual effects of Lucia may remind people of experiences they have had with other substances in the past. For example, the visual imagery and change in thought patterns may remind people of experiences with psychedelics.

However, Lucia doesn't carry unwanted side effects and doesn't cause any harm to the body. Furthermore, the experience can also be stopped at any time should you feel overwhelmed.
How does it work?
Lucia Nº3 works by stimulating the brain to synchronise its activity to the external rhythm of the flickering light. This stimulation produces harmonic brainwave patterns that usually take years of meditation practice to achieve.
What will I see?
While impressive kaleidoscopic visuals and vivid morphing patterns are commonly reported phenomena, there is an infinite number of possibilities as to what Lucia can show you and the depths to which the light can take you. Every journey is entirely unique.
How do I see colourful patterns and imagery with closed eyes?
Perception is not only determined by the input from our external world, but also from within. The way we perceive the colours and patterns during a Lucia session is similar to how we perceive them during dreaming -- they are mental imagery generated internally by the mind. This is why Lucia is said to induce a hypnagogic state, since the experience shares characteristics of both waking and dreaming.
What is a hypnagogic state?
Hypnagogia is the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep where people may experience imagery with aspects of both waking perception and dreaming. The Lucia light is described as inducing a hypnagogic state since the effects (especially the visual ones) are reminiscent of a dreamlike state.
How can I integrate the experience?
Following a session, you may have new thoughts, insights and feelings that you wish to integrate back into your life. This may be expressed through whatever medium you desire, such as talking to a close friend, writing in a journal, or even by creatively expressing aspects of the experience. Continuing or starting a meditation practice can also help with this integration.