Transform your wellness journey in our healing space, combining the Lucia N°3 light, Cymatic Sound Bed and PEMF. Immerse yourself in a self-care experience that fosters personal growth, inner healing, and heightened awareness as you explore the uncharted realms of serenity.

Together, they promote healing, reduce stress, improve sleep, and elevate your overall well-being, guiding you towards a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

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Foundation memberships only 10 available


The Kyma Membership, your passport to a journey towards optimal well-being and enhanced vitality. Priced at just $59 per week, this exclusive membership offers an array of unparalleled benefits that will revolutionize your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

By joining our membership, you gain regular access to our cutting-edge services, including the transformative Lucia Nº3 light therapy, the deeply relaxing Vibroacoustic sound therapy, and the rejuvenating PEMF sessions.

These advanced wellness technologies have been meticulously designed to unlock your body's innate healing abilities, offering you a truly exceptional biohacking experience like no other.

Terms & Conditions apply - see booking app for more information.
$59 per week

Kyma Wellness Club

8 x Lucia Nº3 Light sessions
10 x Cymatic Sound Healing Bed sessions
10 x PEMF sessions
Private treatment rooms
Billed monthly
Cancel anytime
Positive mood booster
Expansive states of consciousness
Deep relaxation
Regulate nervous system
Perceive multi-dimensional reality
Theta healing
Psychedelic visuals
Positive mood booster
Expansive states of consciousness
Deep relaxation
Perceive multi-dimensional reality

lucia nº3

Psychedelic Light Meditation


Single $360
Couple $540


Single $600
Couple $960


Single $800
Couple $1400

Cymatic Sound Healing

vibro-acoustic therapy


15 minute sessions $75
30 minute sessions $150


15 minute sessions $150
30 minute sessions $300


15 minute sessions $250
30 minute sessions $500

Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions

This monthly membership includes

8 x Lucia Light sessions
10 x Cymatic Sound Bed sessions
10 x PEMF sessions 

Only your first Lucia Light session (1 session) will include an intro, a cup of cacao & a crystal gift. All other sessions will consist only of light demos and your light sessions.

- Light sessions vary in time from 20 to 40 mins
- Each service can only be used once per day
- The memberships can be canceled anytime before the next direct debit is due with no additional cost.
- Your account will be debited $236 each month
- Bookings are essential and subject to availability
- Monthly payment is Non-refundable
- You will be required to sign a waiver before using our services
- No refunds will be given after the direct debit is taken from your account. 
- The monthly payment is made in advance for the month ahead
- By purchasing you agree that you do not have or suffer from any of the below conditions


Lucia Nº3 Light
Those who can NOT use the Lucia Light are listed below.
- Individuals with a history of epilepsy and/or seizures- Pregnant women
- Children under 18 years old
- Individuals with a strobe intolerance or sensitivity to flashing    lights.
- Individuals with psychological conditions (i.e. psychosis,   schizophrenia, severe anxiety, etc.), or other medical   problems/conditions.

Cymatic Sound Bed
Vibroacoustic Therapy is not recommended for those with:
- epilepsy
- severe and/or chronic mental illness
- who use a pacemaker- going through chemotherapy
- who are pregnant

Other less common conditions that also mean you should not use vibroacoustic therapy are acute inflammatory conditions, acute blood clot, a herniated disc in the acute phase, serious eye disease (eye surgery), if you have just had an open operation or are at any other risk of bleeding. If you have any further questions about the use of this device, please discuss them with your doctor.

Pulsed electromagnetic field passes through the body, do NOT use this product if you have any of the below
-Implanted electronic devices (pacemakers, defibrillators or insulin supply systems, cochlear implants)
-Bleeding disorders
-If you are pregnant